Rising Juvenile Crimes: A New Age of Offence

A four year old has sexually assaulted another four year old. The television anchor calls it inconceivable. She says 4 year olds are not supposed to know these things. What could be a clearer indicator of exposure to violence than a 4-year-old exhibiting sexually abusive behaviour. Is it so hard to understand that children reflect what society inflicts on them? How miserably disappointing to see the pattern of news/TV show continues over and over. The best of anchors– Emphatically call out stories of children who have been accused of serious offences, make the problem out to be the biggest emergency, pit victims/their families against those who stand longer term and deeper solutions. None of this will not get us anywhere near creating a safer and more responsible society for children. They must know this too, shouldn’t they? #noprisonforchildren