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We are a group of ordinary people working together to achieve extraordinary change. Get active to help us defend the rights of children in India and take our message to a wider audience! Whether you have 5 minutes or more time to spare we've got a way for you to work with us. Our strength lies in collaborative and collective action and we’re counting on you!

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At Leher, we work to find creative solutions to deal with children’s issues. Our campaigns make way for everyone to be involved in furthering the cause of child rights and protection. Sign up and rope in as many friends as you can!

Little Humans

Sometimes the littlest people have the biggest stories to tell.

How can we know that for sure? We didn’t until we began to ask little children to tell us their own stories and we’d love for you to experience what we did. Inspired by Humans Of New York’s wonderful ability to make us relate to people we would never know otherwise, we started our own campaign – little humans. An attempt to provide a space for every little face, a voice for every choice they make, whether it’s their favourite food or their worst nightmare.

All you need to do is interact with children of all ages and backgrounds and send us images and your conversation with the child. We shall edit your conversation to fit the campaign format. 

To participate, write to us:

Campaign details

Meet some of our little humans

No Prison for children (NPFC)

Since Government and public opinion on the issue of juveniles was shaped by the Nirbhaya case, the aim of NPFC was to speak to the youth and dispel misconceptions, explain facts, and generate some positive discourse around the issue. In opposition to the Government's move to exclude certain children (16-18 years) from the protection they received under the Juvenile Justice system, by re-enacting the law, we stand firm that no child should be sent to prison.

If you agree with us, sign our petition

If you disagree with us, read our arguments

Get Creative

If you have new ideas or techniques to raise awareness on children’s issues, we’d be happy to hear you! We’re also looking for interns who are familiar with writing, graphic design and photography!

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You can be a child rights campaigner by sitting at home, at work or even while driving in your car. Follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram and help us take our message to your family and friends!