This 25-YO Report by The ‘People’s Scientist’ is Exactly What School Education Needs Today

“The hardship starts right at home when straight from bed the child is pulled out and got ready for school even before his faculties are awake. He or she is groomed and stuffed into a uniform and packed off with a loaded bag on her back. School bag has become an inevitable burden for the child. I am now pleading for (the) abolition of the school bag by an ordinance. If necessary, I have investigated and found that an average child carries strapped to his back like a pack mule, not less than 6-8 kg. Of books, notebooks and other paraphernalia of modern education in addition to (the) lunch box and water bottle. More children on account of this daily burden develop a stoop and hang their arms forward like a Chimpanzee while walking and, I know some cases of serious spinal injuries of children too.” Going back to the words of RK Narayanin light of the (now 25 years old) school bag debate.