Today is chutti


“My name is Mohit.”
“Mohit, don’t you go to school?”
“Yes, I am in senior KG. But today is chutti.”
“Why is today chutti?”
“No as in, I have school today but my dad took a leave so my mom let me take a leave too. And we came to Marine Drive.” 
“Do you come here often?”
“All the time.”
“Do you know how to swim?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Then how will you play in the water?”
“Arey, but I am not getting into water. Only fishes know how to swim and I am not a fish, because fishes can’t wear hats, they will get wet in the water.”
“Will you give me your hat?”
“Sure, but then you convince my dad to give me the big brown hat which is locked in cupboard.”

Credit: Annette James Monika Thapa