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Feel good Friday


The lions of Punjab

With 898 females per 1000 males, Tarn Taran, in Punjab, known for its history of militancy, isn’t exactly a place that boasts of gender equality. What is remarkable is witnessing young girls in jogging tracks training to take on traditional male roles in the armed forces #feelgoodfriday #genderequality#empoweredgirls #lionsofpunjab Motherland

Ananya, a school on a farm

This is a #school where street children of varied age groups and cultural backgrounds sit together and share stories, where they are taught through contextual teaching and not textbooks and where they spend their childhoods in a warm and comforting environment.

Ananya is the seed that didn’t lay its foundation on conventional teaching but on life skills, on humane interaction and on true meaningful learning.

Read about their unconventional approach to #education #feelgoodfriday

India becomes polio free

We’ve only heard that #India fought #polio and won. Let’s take a look at how we pulled off one of the greatest public-health coups in history, saving hundreds of thousands of #children from paralysis and death #feelgoodfriday

Read more: http://ti.me/1fs3CoX

Garbage dump turns into a public park for children

Collective action can turn even a garbage dump into a public park for children! Watch how a community in Bangalore made this a reality in their neighbourhood #feelgoodfriday

Breaking barriers

Can you imagine an LGBTQI support group in an Indian #school? Here’s one school in #Delhi leading the way. Know more about the student-led initiative ‘Breaking Barriers’. Such inspiration! #feelgoodfriday

Using Football To Change The Lives of Youth in Punjab

Football isn’t just played at the Worldcup2014. While Punjab was beginning to grapple with the problem of drug addiction, here was a man who set forth to revive sports in his village and drive affected children towards a better path. Read how Gurmangal Dass is using #football to change the lives of #youth in Punjab #feelgoodfriday FIFA World Cup#fifa2014

The 13 year old who climbed Mount Everest

For all you mountain climbers out there, here’s the story of a 13 year old girl who climbed Mount Everest and became the youngest person to do so! Don’t miss this one! #feelgoodfriday

Turning trash into toys for learning

In this inspiring TED video meet Arvind Gupta- toymaker, engineer, scientist, educator, inventor, mentor. He popularizes science among #children by showing them quirky ways to convert trash into useful toys.

The one we like the best is the simple slate he makes, using wool and velcro, for blind people…with 12 million blind children in our country that’s an innovation we can use! tedtalk #inktalks #feelgoodfriday

Using the KBC format to draw students back to the classroom

Did you start watching Kaun Banega Crorepati Official this week?

Meet Kamlesh Zapadiya, a primary school #teacher from Rajkot who uses the kbc format to draw #students back to his classroom. Will his innovative learning technique make some of these kids slumdog millionaires? #feelgoodfriday

Little reporters of Assam

Little reporters of Assam are quietly blowing winds of change. Through their newspaper Mukta Akash they highlight issues big and small that affect their lives-absence of hand pumps, no clean toilets, broken bridges, poor education and early marriage #feelgoodfriday

Daag ache hain

Happy childhood! #daagachehain #feelgoodfriday

Two blind sisters see for the first time

Mother! I can see! I can see!

2 sisters who were blind since birth, can now see. A nonprofit 20/20/20 shows us how free surgeries can be miracles in the lives of visually challenged #children.

Feel the magic as Sonia and Anita see for the first time! #feelgoodfriday

The mother of a 100 orphans

She was an unwanted #child and faced an abusive #childhood. Today, she is the #mother of 100 orphans… The unusual life of Sindhutai is an inspiration to us all! #feelgoodfriday

A new hangout for young booklovers in Bangalore’s slums

An interesting initiative to convert tea stalls and provision stores into reading joints has taken a new step in inculcating #readinghabits among lesser privileged #children.

Don’t be surprised if you see a kid flipping the pages of an interesting book rather than just buying toffee at your nearest provision store #feelgoodfriday