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Part I – Say no to child labour


There is seldom a space you traverse in which you will not see a child at work in India. It isn’t surprising because census 2011 says there are 1 crore children who work here. The son of the presswalla (ironing man), young coolis (porters) who carry your shopping bags, boys and girls selling petty merchandise at traffic lights-we are desensitized by these images. Momentary pity, a murmur of thanksthat ‘it’s not me’, is perhaps at best, what most of us can afford.

But, when the government proposes a law amendment, which gives legal sanction to children ‘working in fields and home based activities’ by slipping it innocuously alongside a major provision, which announces that all forms of child labour will be banned for children under 14 years of age, you need to understand what this is about.

Through this week, Leher will bring you a series of posts to inform you about what the proposed amendments really mean. We ask that you read, engage and share widely. #childlabour#saynotochildlabour

Did we count right?

The Government of India’s official figure for child labour in India, 4.3 million, is pegged much lower than what it really is. Brush it aside by creating loop holes in the law, which will allow millions more to work? Or, invest in a system to monitor, educate, and rehabilitate? Accept the usual—‘the State can’t afford it!’? Or, stand up for change? Look at the numbers. You decide. #saynotochildlabour

5 stats that account for 58.35 % child workers in India

5 states in India account for almost 60% of India’s child labour. Many state government’s are concerned they don’t have the budgets to rehabilitate the large volumes of children who work. The overwhelming numbers across these 5 states and others will increase exponentially if the proposed amendments are passed.
Can we afford such an amendment?
#childlabour #saynotochildlabour

5 myths on child labour in India

Though some think Child labour is a necessary evil in India, the new law proposed by the government will worsen the condition of child workers in the country. The burden of the government’s ‘Make in India’ dream cannot be allowed to rest on our children. 5 myths on child labour that need to be busted!
#childlabour #saynotochildlabour

In pictures: The reality of children helping in home based work

For those of us who are under the illusion that children helping their parents in home based work or under the guise of a ‘family enterprise’ is alright, take a look at our photoessay that captures what it really looks like. Invisible and dangerous. #saynotochildlabour

Interesting campaigns on child labour from around the world

Where were you at 12? Most likely at school, dreaming up your future. That’s not the life for 10 million children in India. A look at some gripping anti child labour print ads from around the world that made people stop, think, and take a stand. #saynotochildlabour