This week stay tuned on Little Humans as Raj Rajeshwar Photography brings us stories of children from the remote villages of Madhya Pradesh. #littlehumans

Raj, having lived and grown up in Madhya Pradhesh, loves to explore and travel India, with his camera. His love for photographing people, portraits, street life, landscapes and mostly children, reflect in every frame he captures.

Temple Girls

“How much money did you receive?”
“30 rupees!” she gleamed.
“And you?”
“I got food…see!” She points to the food wrapped in newspaper.
“Wait, look a photographer… Will you take a photo of us please?”

The little girls roam around a small temple in a village named Rijauda, approximately 40 kms away from Raghogarh, my home in MP.

Credit: Raj Rajeshwar Photography



Mango Juice

“What are you drinking?”
“Mango juuiceee!!”
“May I have some too?”
“No…I bought it for 5 rupees.”

Credit: Raj Rajeshwar Photography

Take a Picture of me

“Can you take a picture of just me?”
“And make me look beautiful.”

Credit: Raj Rajeshwar Photography

Hello Choti

“Hello Choti, where is your father?”
“He is out at work.”
“Is this your home? Do you live here?”
“Yes, I do live here, but we are tenants.”

Credit: Raj Rajeshwar Photography

Water in our home

“This is the oldest part of our home.”
“How do you know that?”
​”Because during the rain water seeps through the floor and drips from the top!”​

Credit: Raj Rajeshwar Photography