My Angel

“Where are you headed?”
“I’m going to school”
“Do you enjoy it?”
“Earlier I was never interested in studying and wanted to excel in cricket but then a girl came into my life.. I call her my Angel.”
“Woah.. Is she your girlfriend?”
“No didi.. She is the daughter of my father’s employer. Last year she was visiting her parents when she saw me playing with my friends. She came over to me and asked why I wasn’t in school?”
“And then?”
“I told her I don’t like studying and that I wanted to become the next Virat Kohli! She laughed at first and then explained to me how important it was to study too.”
“What did she say to you?”
“She said that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and together we should all strive towards a brighter future by doing our bit. She enrolled me into the local school the very next day.”

Credit: Sakshi Modani