You can take the boy out of Bombay; you can’t take Bombay out of the boy, you know,” said Salman Rushdie, but these words describe Soheb Qureshi aka Mumbhaii rather aptly. This street photographer captures the faces and places that make Mumbai the ‘city of dreams’, reflecting his love for a place he calls home. “I want people to relate to every photo I take, recognise the familiarity in every situation, feel the emotions and energy that is Mumbai. The bustling life across its streets and markets, its seamless mix of cultures and festivals and its ever increasing acceptance of people, sum up the essence of this city. Photography is my calm…and there’s no better place to tell stories than in Mumbai.”

This week, stay tuned as Soheb aka Mumbhaiii tells stories of Little Humans across the streets and slums of Mumbai

I Help My Mother

“Hi Rinku.. How old are you?”
“I am a big boy… 9 years old.”
“What are you doing here?”
“I help my mother in all her work…”
“Why is that?”
“After my father died, she is the only one who looks after me. You know… he used to be a great farmer, he used to grow rice and grains in the field. I will grow up and be like him.” #littlehumans

Credit: Soheb Qureshi aka Mumbhaiii

I Want To Teach Children of Purushwaadi!

“Neera.. What is that on your hand?”
“It’s Mehendi…look!”
“Did you draw that yourself?”
“Yes.. I love drawing and painting.”
“Do you do that in school?”
“No.. I am in the 7th standard…we have to study in school.”
“What do you want to grow up to be?”
“I want to be a teacher… and teach all the children of Purushwaadi!” #littlehumans

Credit: Sohed Qureshi aka Mumbhaiii

Brother > Superhero

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” #littlehumans

Credit: Soheb Qureshi aka Mumbhaiii


What are you girls playing?”
“Khokho!” yells Sharmila (the bossiest one amongst the three!)
“How do you play that?”
“Sharmila will teach you!” Aruna and Mansi say in unison. #littlehumans

Credit: Soheb Qureshi aka Mumbhaiii

My Best Friend Guddu

“Who is that?”
“That’s my best friend, Guddu!” he plays with his puppy
“Does he live with you?”
“No… I found him on the Railway tracks of Dehna station.”
“I was playing cricket in my free time when I saw him!” #littlehumans

Credit: Soheb Qureshi aka Mumbhaiii


Little Astrologer

“My mother died 2 years ago, of tuberculosis. I live with my father and want to grow up to be like him… I will study Vastu and become an astrologer.” #littlehumans

Credit: Soheb Qureshi aka Mumbhaiii