Madhubani - Child Protection Campaign | Leher NGO in India

Field Diary Entry 1


Diary entry 1

In 2014, Leher began work in preventive child protection in communities in Madhubani, Bihar, with the belief that families and communities care for their children. They do want a better life for their children, and would take actions to protect them if provided with the right support and options to do things differently.

In the past week while traveling through several villages of Madhubani this faith is validated and we are encouraged with what we observe- against all odds community members are creating the space to take actions for the safety and protection of their children.

Our current status: 27 Village Child Protection Committees, 36 Children’s Groups across 9 panchayats in 3 blocks in Madhubani- Bisfi, Pandaul and Rajnagar.

Stay tuned for updates from the field!#childprotection #madhubani #bihar #fielddiary#leherinmadhubani