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A Childhood left behind – Children of Madhubani


A Childhood left behind – Children of Madhubani

The world knows Madhubani for its Maithali art—its depiction of village life, religious and mythological verses and for its proximity with Janakpur, the home of the goddess Sita. These do not however, even, begin to tell you half the story of the reality of life of this district which shares a border with Nepal.

In 2014, Leher began work in collaboration with Sarvo Prayas Sansthan in communities in 3 blocks in Madhubani. We believe that families and communities care for their children. They do want a better life for their children, and would take actions to protect them if provided with the right support and options to do things differently.

Here’s a little on what we discovered #storiesfromthefield #leherinmadhubani