Disrupted Education – Adolescent Girls In India

Disrupted Education - Adolescent Girls In India

The obstacles to a girls education are multi-layered, more so after she becomes an adolescent. The stark inequalities in education are both a cause and a result of wider discrimination to which girls are subject. There are multiple reasons why many girls are not accessing education, a fundamental right, all interconnected in one way or another – poverty, geographical isolation, early marriage andpregnancy, gender-based violence and other discriminatory socio-cultural practices, attitudes and perceptions about the role and status of girls and women in India’s society. In school too, negative gender stereotypes, teaching practices and attitudes, lack of amenities and infrastructure, together with unsuitable and unsafe journeys to school and learning environments are all factors that compromise a girls retention in school, her educational choices and achievement and, consequently, her work and life opportunities. Here’s a look at the an adolescent girls disrupted education in India. #educationmatters#education4all #education #righttoeducation