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Doodle with Dad – My father illustrations


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#selfiewithdaughter made headlines, got fathers onto social media, made great photo ops and became a trend on twitter. Unfortunately, it brought little attention to the real problem. A father-daughter relationship has the potential to influence many things for #girls in #India- equality, respect, education, freedom and love.

We hear a lot about the importance of a fathers role in his son’s life. But what’s often missing from the conversation is the importance of father’s role in his daughter’s life.Too many father’s have the reputation of taking on the secondary role of parenting, stepping in only when needed or having almost minimal involvement in the daily lives of their children. Today, their roles are changing dramatically.

Leher in collaboration with @myfatherillustrations went into a community in Dahisar, Mumbai and met those daddy’s who are investing their love and time in the childhoods of their daughters.

Watch this space for “Doodle with Dad” if you’ve had a father who changed your life! #doodlewithdad

Thank you @CCDT for giving us an inroad into your community.

Bhima Panshul is a father of 3 daughters. He lost his wife 4 years ago and suddenly found himself lost on how to take charge of his daughters’ life. An alcoholic at the time, he decided to seek help so that he could take responsibility and become a better father. Today, after work, he sits with his daughter Laxmi and helps her solve her algebra sums #doodlewithdad#myfatherillustrations

Eshwar Pawar was never fortunate enough to receive an education. His daughter Disha has dreams of becoming a Collector, and he will do whatever it takes to ensure she gets an education and takes up the profession of her choice. #doodlewithdad #myfatherillustrations

Mohammed Sheikh is of the belief that only when you have an open channel of communication with your daughters can you find solutions in life. His 15 year old daughter Sahara looks up to her father and the calm and composed manner in which he deals with squabbles at home #doodlewithdad#myfatherillustrations

Raosahib Jadav is a doting and encouraging father to Nandini. He thinks that children should be given the freedom to explore their possibilities. They should choose whether they want to be a doctor, an artist or anything else! He also encourages other fathers in his neighbourhood to educate their children #doodlewithdad #myfatherillustrations

Thank you My Father illustrations for illustrating a very essential relationship in the lives of girls. It is inspiring stories like these that go a long way in shaping communities where caring families (including fathers) come together to protect and nurture their children! #doodlewithdad #myfatherillustrations

Watch our journey with My Father illustrations for #doodlewithdad and meet the father-daughter duos! #myfatherillustrations