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My Father Illustrations


 made headlines, got fathers onto social media, made great photo ops and became a trend on twitter. Unfortunately, it brought little attention to the real problem. A father-daughter relationship has the potential to influence many things for #girls in #India– equality, respect, education, freedom and love.

We hear a lot about the importance of a fathers role in his son’s life. But what’s often missing from the conversation is the importance of father’s role in his daughter’s life.Too many father’s have the reputation of taking on the secondary role of parenting, stepping in only when needed or having almost minimal involvement in the daily lives of their children. Today, their roles are changing dramatically.

Leher in collaboration with @myfatherillustrations went into a community in Dahisar, Mumbai and met those daddy’s who are investing their love and time in the childhoods of their daughters.

Watch this space for “Doodle with Dad” if you’ve had a father who changed your life! #doodlewithdad

Thank you @CCDT for giving us an inroad into your community.