Adolescents today, face a unique set of challenges. In a world riddled with violence, inequity, conflicts, climate change, rapid development and evolving technology, the 1.2 billion adolescents at this critical milestone between childhood and adulthood, stand the chance of reconstructing their communities and countries or falling through the cracks during their most valuable years, outlining how the world will emerge down the road.
Over the next fortnight, let’s discuss and deliberate this emerging generation by keeping their voices and choices at the centre of our responsibility towards them. #ageofadolescence

#AgeofAdolescence – In Conversation With Poulomi Basu, The Artist & Activist Challenging The Ritual Of Exile

This ingenious artist, human rights photographer, journalist, activist and new media practitioner (all rolled into one) weaves a jarring narrative of this age-old practice through her poetic and evocative work Blood Speaks: “A Ritual of Exile”.

In conversation with the bold and brilliant Poulomi Basu on her journey in working with young girls and women, her insights, ideas and inspiration in driving Blood Speaks, and her ambition on turning the tide on patriarchy with girls as the drivers of change. #MHDay2019 #MenstruationMatters#ItsTimeForAction #MenstrualHygieneDay #ageofadolescents

Freedom vs Regret. Which would you have chosen in your adolescent years?
#ageofadolescents #adolescentsspeak

#AgeofAdolescence – The Age Of Becoming

Navigating through life as an adolescent can be hard. The pressure and stress of fitting in, embracing bodily changes, seeking autonomy, learning about intimacy and sexuality, making new relationships and struggling through old ones, can be daunting and somewhat liberating at the same time. Somewhere in between all the chaos that almost defines the age of adolescence is the magic of metamorphosis. Yet, central to this time is the search for an identity, the quest to find oneself. More often than not, this quest is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and hormones and the culmination of answers they seek along the way. #ageofadolescents

Ever fat shamed someone when you were younger, and felt guilty about it later? #ageofadolescents#adolescentsspeak

#AgeOfAdolescence – Supplementing or Substituting? Adolescent Views On Participating In The Digital World

Supplementing or substituting? Havovi Wadia interviews 5 adolescents in Urban Mumbai for their views on participating in the Digital World. #ageofadolescents

Ever been silenced by an act of violence during your teenage years? Speak now. #ageofadolescents #adolescentsspeak

#AgeOfAdolescence – Let’s Talk About Drugs

To be able to find solutions to an endemic problem such as drug abuse amongst India’s youth, perhaps one of the first steps is to find ways to have uninhibited dialogues about the issue. “Let’s Talk About Drugs” is a narrative that captures the honest accounts of two adolescents (speaking as adults today) and their foray into the use and abuse of drugs. #ageofadolescents

Did your childhood fairytale ever come true?
#ageofadolescents #adolescentsspeak

#AgeOfAdolescence – Girlhood Campaigns To Follow On Instagram

Based on the belief that intergenerational patterns of poverty, violence, abuse and discrimination can be broken in a single generation, here are some organizations who are investing in adolescent girls across the world, working to bring focus to issues of skewed sex ratio, female foeticide, child marriage, unequal and abusive treatment, young girls caught in conflicts, and gender disparities, promoting girl’s empowerment and fulfilment of their human rights and aspiring to create agents of multi-generational change.
Don’t miss these inspiring girlhood campaigns making their presence across the world. Girl Effect Because I am a Girl Too Young to Wed Girl Rising I Am Like Other Girls #ageofadolescents

We all struggled through our early years. Wish you had someone to talk to? #ageofadolescents#adolescentsspeak

#AgeOfAdolescence – What It Means To Be An Adolescent Girl In India

Here’s what life looks like for many of the 120 million adolescent girls in India, comprising 10% of India’s population. #ageofadolescents

Real life vs. Instagram life. #ageofadolescents#adolescentsspeak

#AgeofAdolescence – In Conversation With Clinical Psychologist Sonali Gupta On The Growing Trend Of Therapy Amongst India’s Adolescents

Drawing on real-life stories from her clinical work with children, adolescents and parents across the country, Sonali Gupta, Clinical psychologist and columnist for MumbaiMirror.com, offers insights on the growth of therapy amongst India’s youth and adolescents in addressing looming #mentalhealth challenges they face. #ageofadolescents

Why the right to abort should be every girl/ woman’s right. #ageofadolescents#adolescentsspeak

#AgeOfAdolescence – Unleashing Her Potential

Meet the girls of Madhubani whose new thoughts and actions are slowly gathering steam, translating into social, economic and political independence and proving (against popular belief) that adolescence is an age of opportunity. #ageofadolescents

Social media, self-esteem and suicide.#ageofadolescents #adolescentsspeak

#AgeOfAdolescence – 5 Youth Led Movements Across The World You Must Follow

“Why should I be studying for a future that soon may be no more, when none is doing anything to save the future? And what is the point of learning facts when the most important facts clearly mean nothing to society?”
Said the angry young climate change activist,
Greta Thunberg
Across the world, young people like her are becoming a power in their own right. Millions of them are now engaged in what has become the civil-rights struggle of our time.
This #WorldEnvironmentDay let’s look at the youth movements that are working to save the planet!
#FridaysForFuture #MarchOfOurLives Pinjra Tod: Break the Hostel Locks#BlackLivesMatter #InternationalIndeginousYouthCouncil

Are text messages the new-age love letters?#ageofadolescence #adolescentsspeaks

#AgeOfAdolescence – Why You Need A Sense Of Humour To Understand Your Adolescent

Parenthood is one of the most trying journeys, especially when your child reaches the tumultuous age of adolescence. On that rocky road, you’ll experience many moments where you just don’t know whether to laugh or cry. These comics illustrate some of those many moments, understanding why you need a sense of humour to raise your adolescents! #ageofadolescence

Understanding early that #loveislove.#ageofadolescence #adolescentsspeaks