#Vote4Children – 16-Year-Old Purujit On How Parents Need To Encourage Children To Take On Careers In The Creative Stream

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1. What do you want to become when you grow up?

When I was in 5th grade, I wanted to become an Army officer and then in 8th grade, I started liking Science. But it was only in 10th grade, that I figured out what I actually want to study and become later on in life. So, after my board results, I spent a fair amount of time reading and researching various streams and even visited career counsellors to help filter out my choices. And after all the permutations, I decided to take up Humanities. 

That decision raised a lot of eyebrows. 

2. Many children nowadays want to pursue careers in the creative field, and not taken on traditional professions like engineers, doctors and lawyers. How encouraging do you think parents, teachers and schools are about these alternate career choices?

Even today, Science trends as the most favoured and sought after career choice amongst Indian parents for their children to pursue after 10th grade. And maybe its understandable given the career options it allows? 

I believe knowledge plays a very key role in deciding one’s career choices…especially the knowledge of parents. Since my parents were aware of Humanities and were familiar with the subject, they were very supportive in my decision to take it up. But some of my friends weren’t that fortunate. Few of my friends wanted to study Music and Arts but had to eventually take up Science because of parental pressure and a great amount of competition. 

3. Do you think children are receiving the right guidance and direction to pursue careers in creative fields? How not? How so?

No, not always. What I urge parents, families and societies to do, is to be open and receptive to alternate career choices for their children. Ask questions and understand why your child is making that choice…build your knowledge on the subject to be able to provide informed guidance to children. And for my friends…follow your dreams…!  It is okay sometimes to unfollow the trends and be a trailblazer instead. 

Puruijit is 16 years old and is currently studying Humanities at Christ College, Bengaluru and wants to pursue a Masters in Economics to become a Financial Analyst.

Photo Credits : Vipul Kumar

Words By : Vipul Kumar

Vipul Kumar is a connoisseur of arts and good food, enjoys comics and sports and doodles occasionally. You can follow him on instagram.


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