#EndViolenceNotChildhood-Under Her Veil- Child Marriage And Its Many Faces Of Violence

A 9 year old is married off to her uncle, her father couldn’t pay his loan. A 13 year old turns pregnant against her will, her husband wants children. A 10 year old drops out of school, she move into her grooms home. A 16 year old commits suicide, she doesn’t want to become a bride.

Child marriage is abusive, brutal, violent and all things wrong.

For many families, marrying their daughters off at a young age is a desperate response to extreme circumstances..

Photo- Stephanie Sinclair

Worried for their future and fear for their safety..  

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But, whatever the reasons, child marriage is a violation of human rights

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For boys and girls.. 

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Yet, perpetuating gender inequality

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As they get burdened with responsibilities and household duties 

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Often abused at the hands of their partner

Photo- Stephanie Sinclair

By way of violence, forced and early pregnancies.. 

Photo- Mark Tuschman/ UNFPA

Affecting reproductive and sexual health…  

Photo- Hindustan Times

And mental and emotional health …

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Impacting their right to education, right to participation…  

Photo- Graham Crouch/The Elders


With little future prospects of economic and social independence 

Photo- Prakash Hatvalne/AP


Limiting their potential and possibilities..

Ending CHILDHOOD too early for many children  

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Words By : Leher


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