What Twitter Is Saying About #RyanInternationalSchool

The matter of #RyanInternationaschool is telling… telling of how unperturbed and unaffected we have been with a violent world for children, where the darkness of abuse, rape and murder makes it way into a space meant to be quite the opposite. If children are murdered and raped in school…Where really are they safe? Why are parents across the country not questioning the efficacy of SMC’sWhy are schools defending the brutal death of their students? And why is the Government still slashing budgets for the protection of children?

The death of 7 year old Pradyushan created public outrage and dissent, but failed to listen and provide solutions to parents across the country, worried to send their school to children the next day.

Here’s what twitter had to ask and say that #RyanMustAnswer:

Photo Credits : Parveen Kumar/ Hindustan Times

Words By : Leher


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