#PlayMatters – “More Girls Should Play Cricket!” Say Boys At Azad Maidan

Q) Who do you think is going to win the Cricket World Cup?

A: India! (in unison)

Q) Why?

A: Aryan – Because India has got Virat Kohli!

Durvesh – And even Hardik Pandya!

Sarthak – Everyone is training hard and playing well… so I feel India is going to win.

Q) Who are your favourite players?

A: Virat Kohli! (in unison)

Durvesh – Hardik Pandya!

Q) Why Kohli?

A: Aryan – I really love his batting.

Q) And why Pandya?

Durvesh – Because Pandya hits helicopter shot. He can keep hitting fours and sixes non-stop.

Q) Do you also watch women’s cricket matches?

A: Sarthak – Yes! But I do not know any of the players’ name.

Q) What do you feel about boys and girls playing cricket together?

A: Aryan – Cricket is a game which can be easily played by boys and girls together.

Durvesh – More girls should play cricket.

Sarthak – And it’ll be more fun.

Q) And what other games/sports do you play apart from cricket?

A: Football! (in unison)

Durvesh – I love playing football more than cricket. I came today to play cricket because he asked me to. (giggles)

Sarthak – Even I love football. Pogba is my favourite.

Aryan – I also play Kabaddi.

Durvesh – And I like to swim as well. I love playing everything. I am an all-rounder just like Pandya.

Q) Why do you like playing Cricket more than any other sports?

A: Aryan – Cricket has so many things… batting, fielding, bowling.

Sarthak – I enjoy hitting sixes.

Durvesh – And I love bowling and fielding. But at times, I misfield and drop catches.

Q) So you all come to play cricket here every Sunday? Do you also play cricket at school?

A: Yes! (in unison)

Sarthak – Sometimes, we also play at Cooperage ground.

Durvesh – We three are from different schools.

Q) Then how did you become friends?

A: Aryan – We stay in the same building and I guess we became fast friends while playing cricket only.

Q) So do you play in your building premises?

A: Sarthak – Sometimes. But we don’t like playing cricket there.

Aryan – We are scared of playing there… what if we break someone windows glass.

Durvesh – That is why we all come here. And I especially love this ground as I can hit very long sixes like Pandya. (everyone laughs)

Photo Credits : Vipul Kumar

Words By : Vipul Kumar

Vipul Kumar is a connoisseur of arts and good food, enjoys comics and sports and doodles occasionally. He is currently pursuing his MA in Development at the Azim Premji University. You can follow him on instagram.


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