#LittleHumans Of Loni- Bubbly

“What kind of dance do you like?”
“Lavani !”
“Wow! Who teaches you? “
“Oh the television.. “
“Yeah? And what’s your real name?”
“Karishma! But everyone just calls me Bubbly!”

What’s her story?

 Dressed in a striking red kurti and 5-6 shimmering silver bangles on each of her hands, Bubbly’s eyes that spoke to us. Some of her friends said she loves to talk a lot and that she dances really well. This 12 year old agreed to her friends view of her and blushed rather happily. Bubbly goes to school too, in the neighbourhood.

Of all the dances, she chose Lavani, which is a traditional Maharashtrian dance form that has songs which are usually naughty and erotic in nature and almost usually performed for men. At her age, instead of watching cartoons her interests are watching song and dance. Is this exposure encouraged by parents or due to access to the big bad web?


Photo Credits : Anandita Palsule & Chinmayee Bagade

Words By : Anandita Palsule & Chinmayee Bagade

Anandita Palsule, film making student and Chinmayee Bagade, graphic designing student of MIT Institute of Design, Pune, are design learners who enjoy traveling, meeting new people and telling unique stories


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