#EndChildTrafficking- Why The Public Needs To Join In On #ChokeTheDemand

Delhi’s first interactive mural experience was created in collaboration with Change.org and The Missing Art Project to shake the status quo on the current conversation (or the lack of it) around the commercial sexual exploitation of children in India. Through the use of art and technology, massive wall murals were created in 3 locations across Delhi, with the aim to to trigger conversations about the high demand for children in the sex industry, missing from the public narrative. 

What #ChokeTheDemand achieved that many other public engagement initiatives couldn’t was that it drew participation from many potential collaborators for the protection of children – police, filmmakers, activists and celebrities, all came together to generate awareness, curiosity and empathy on the looming issue of child trafficking, and discuss solutions to “choke” it, understanding well that we are all part of the solution. 

Many, took to twitter to share their thoughts and further spread the message… You can too!

Photo Credits : Choke the Demand

Words By : Leher



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