#Childhoodinkashmir – Umar Fayaz Budoo


Aqib! Catch catch catch!” Umar screamed. Aqib suddenly ran and carefully caught the ball. “We won!” they both gave each other a high-five and exchanged big happy grins. Umar is a 2nd grader at Hanfia School in Kareeri Pattan. It is small village situated in the district of Baramulla. When I met him and his best friend Aqib, I saw friendship blooming in a beautiful, warm way and what connected them to each other the most was – the game of cricket. Umar is a 2nd grade student at Hanfia School in Kareeri, Pattan. His father runs a small business and manages to send him to a good private school in the area. Good education has played a major role in shaping the dream Umar aspires to fulfil. On being asked, he said he would like to be a doctor when he grows up, and that he wants to help all the people who are in need of good treatment and help. Of a shy nature and a heart full of determination, little Umar aspires to give his best to the society by becoming a doctor. At such a young age, when good education is provided to such ambitious children – they surely tend to do wonders later in life. Umar lives with his parents and after returning home from school every day – he completes his homework and spends the evening playing cricket. His parents have maintained a good balance in his life, between studies and sports. It is good to see the parents in Kashmir, encouraging their children to do well in every sphere of life. Coming from a land of an on-going conflict, the families have still not forgotten how to induce encouragement in lives of their children, in spite of the turbulence which is present over the valley.

Photo Credits : Aamir Wani/ Kashmir through my lens

Words By : Aamir Wani

Aamir Wani is a Kashmiri photographer and poet. Popularly known as Kashmir Through My Lens, this is his attempt to demistify the often misconstrued and misrepresented facets of Kashmir and Kashmiriyat by sharing these touching stories with the world.


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