Daily Archives: August 11, 2019

Incomplete” Sculptures Capture the Playful and Timid Personalities of Children

Norwegian artist #LeneKilde creates figurative concrete and steel wire sculptures inspired by the emotions and body language of children.
As a viewer, you can use your imagination, fill in the visual gaps, illusory contours, and delve into your own childhood memories.

Delhi: Eight months, many workshops later, 27 schools step closer to trans inclusion

In a step towards inclusion of all children, 27 schools including 25 government schools in Delhi have been certified transgender-inclusive, following 8 months of rigorous workshops with teachers, students and principals.

#LGBTQI #LoveIsLove

It’s time we took a seat ‘at your table’: Guterres calls on world youth to keep leading climate emergency response

Young people are already leading on climate change so it’s time we took a seat at THEIR table, says #AntonioGuterres

Climate Change

Child Rights NGOs Urge Govt to Increase Budget for Children Welfare Schemes

“Child safety and protection has always been one of the difficult areas and to change resource allocation that are key factors towards building a safer India,” CRY – Child Rights and You
Ahead of the union budget, NGOs working to protect child rights come together and urge the Union government to increase the outlay in the Budget towards the welfare of children, asking it to focus on their safety and prioritise the deprived children in urban areas. #budgetforchildren

Mom in the kitchen, dad at work – kids will no longer see this stereotype in the revised Maharashtra school textbooks

In a society where gender equality should have been a norm, Indian school textbooks finally rectify the stereotypical portrayal of a mother in the kitchen and father at work.