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#KeralaFloods- Children Face The Challenge Of Climate Change

Flood relief rescue teams, coast guards, soldiers, celebrities, NGO’s and the people of India are all coming together to help out with one of the worst floods this century, to hit the southern state of Kerala. As the water rises, so does the death toll, putting daily life as they know it, to a standstill, for families and their children.

In Kerala today, like other parts of the country affected by ongoing floods, children face the challenge of climate change, despite being least responsible for its causes. From being airlifted from rooftops of their houses and community centres, evacuated in army boats, large fishing vessels and makeshift yachts, navigating through narrow overflowing lanes, being trapped in their homes without food, electricity or water, converging in halls, auditoriums of schools, temples, churches and mosques for shelter, to waiting in neck deep water for someone to rescue them, for many children, the real fight begins after being rescued. What happens to months of missing school, working to rebuild homes, being separated from family members and struggling for their most basic rights in their early years?

Climate change has too often been discussed and debated in abstract terms, negating the childhood costs and placing little attention on its intergenerational impact. Here’s a look at how the #Keralafloods are affecting children.

We appeal to you, to #StandWithKerala and help children get back on their feet and back to a normal life, through sound and trustworthy organizations doing rescue and rehabilitation work – Save the children, Goonj and CHILDLINE India.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu Fire Force personnel carry children on their shoulders through flood waters during a rescue operation in Annamanada village in Thrissur, Kerala (Photo- AFP)

Kerala floods Fire and rescue personnel evacuate residents in an inflatable boat from a flooded area at Muppathadam in Kochi, Kerala (Photo- AFP)

A woman cries as she holds her son after they were evacuated from a flooded area in Aluva, Kerala (Photo- Reuters)

Army personnel carry children on their shoulders to relief camps at Kottayam district in Kerala (Photo- PTI)

Rescuers work tirelessly to evacuate children and their families from a flood-hit locality, in Thiruvananthapuram (Photo- PTI)

Children, with their families sit around at a relief camp (Photo- Unknown)

A little child cries as he is carried to place of rescue during the Kerala floods (Photo- AFP)

A young boy wades through a flooded street in Kochi with the belongings he could gather (Photo- EPA)

After the opening of Idamalayar, Cheruthoni and Mullaperiyar dam shutters following heavy rains, on the outskirts of Kochi, rescue teams evacuate children carrying their belongings in school bags (Photo- Reuters)

Air Force Personnel help in rescuing children and families from less accessible places during the floods (Photo- Unknown)

A boy is airlifted by Navy personnel during a rescue operation Paravoor near Kochi (Photo – AFP)

Soldiers evacuate local children and their parents in Ernakulam (Photo -AFP/Getty Images)

A woman rests with her grandchildren at the Naval relief camp in Kochi after being rescued in a helicopter (Photo- AFP/Getty Images)

A child is rescued from an isolated building with joint efforts by the Army, NDRF personnel, NGOs and locals (Photo – BCCL)

7 Podcasts For Young Adults

What could be a way to help those ear phone clad young adults to harness the best of the technology they have access to at their fingertips? Introduce them to podcasts they are sure to get hooked to. Combining the best of both worlds – the old-world radio charm and the modern age technology and information, podcasts are a great medium to help young adults develop a healthy perspective towards media and technology. While there are hundreds of podcast channels and programs out there, here are a few great suggestions by Leher to kick off the podcast journey for young adults. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, or someone who has already been initiated into the wonderful world of podcasts, you will love these.

1. Book Club for Kids

A great podcast and perhaps the closest substitute your teen can have to being a part of an actual book club. Middle schoolers discuss popular YA (young adult) reads, and every episode has a surprise celebrity reading out excerpts from the chosen book. The best part? The author of the book features towards the end of the episode to answer readers’ questions. Tune in here.

2. Radiolab

We’ve all had those phases where we’ve either loved or hated a subject depending on our affinity with the teacher teaching them. With this podcast however, your teenager won’t have any other option but to fall in love with the fascinating world of science. Every episode is an exploration of something extremely common, and investigating the science behind it. Previous episodes for example have dealt with questions like why we laugh, the surprising history of football, and the line between language and music. Colors on Radiolab is our personal favorite, check it out. Tune in here.

3. The College Info Geek Podcast

This wonderful podcast has the potential of being the go to guide for young adults trying to find their purpose in life. The host Thomas Frank discusses diverse and unusual topics like how to freelance, how to study abroad, how to turn your life into a video game with experts and helps students with practical tips on how to be better at whatever they’re doing. Each episode is approximately sixty minutes long and it airs once a week. You can listen to it here.

4. The Podcast History of Our World

Hosts make all the difference to how engaging a podcast is, despite how great the content might be. This one has great content and a great host. Rob Monaco started this podcast while waiting to land a job as a history teacher. He figured, the world could be his classroom. And you would be lucky to be his student! From the Big Bang to the Modern Age, this podcast explores the history of the world in 15-30-minute short episodes. Tune in

5. Ted Talks

Ted Talks have gained immense popularity in the recent years. The platform is indeed a mine of knowledge and inspiration. If your teenager hasn’t yet been introduced to Ted Talks, doing it through this podcast is a great way to go about it. Covering a wide array of subjects and perspectives, these talks have something to offer for everyone. Here is a great talk, How I’m Bringing Queer Pride to My Village, you can begin with.

6. 99% Invisible

Ever wondered why buildings are constructed the way they are? Or if there is a deeper meaning to the physical design of things we see around us? This fantastic podcast is all about design, and architecture and the invisible impact of these things have on our lives. To begin with, you can check out this episode.

7. Invisibilia

“Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.” By combining flawless storytelling with cultural and scientific reporting, this brilliant podcast keeps you hooked from the second it begins till the very end – and you can’t wait to get to the next episode! What should you start with? Leher recommends this episode, on How to become Batman.


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Deluge, Distress & The Disastrous Backwash Of Floods On The Lives Of Children

In every crisis, children are the most vulnerable. Climate change is no exception. As floods escalate in West Bengal, children bear the greatest burden of hunger, homelessness, malnutrition, sanitation, education, gender inequality…almost like the coming together of all potentially devastating issues that can affect the lives of children both physiologically and psychologically, for the rest of their lives.

There may be no greater, growing threat facing the world’s children – and their children – than climate change. Ranita Roy, narrative photographer, captures through her imagery, the essence of what daily life looks like for children stuck in floods… a harsh reminder that we need to act before it’s too late.

A boy stuck at home during floods in Ghatal, Midnapore, affecting daily life

Water logging due to extreme floods makes getting in and out of the house difficult for children in Andul, Howrah

Floating on a tube, this young boy makes his way home, after buying food for the day

Children are seen wading through water for daily supplements, as communication and accessibility are severely affected

Schools remain shut for months after floods, restricting learning and education for children in the area

A scared child crosses a dangerous road with his mother broken by the impact of
the rains in Burdwan

A young mother starts her day with her child on a boat, now turned into a daily route

Children have no choice but to lend a helping hand to their families to run
daily errands during floods

Doctor’s clinic and pharmacies remain shut during floods, with no access to medicines for children in Amta, Howrah

Children carry books on their heads and plod through marshy lands to make their way to school

A disappointed boy makes his way home after realizing that school remains shut in Ghatal, Midnapore