Daily Archives: July 5, 2018

Selling tiaras

Bhai of Grant Road

Littler humans

Photo Queen


People Shouldn’t Live In Slums

Today is chutti

Live in peace

Team lagaan

Working for aunty


My sister’s photo

My best friend

Tyre and stick

I love Marine Drive

Sibling love

Main chor pakdoonga


Off to grandma’s

To the washroom

India must win


“Where are you coming from?”
“I went to get a packet of milk.”
“Why are you wearing a mask?”
“I don’t want my identity to be disclosed, because carrying ‘mummy ke orders’ is a confidential task. My friend batman has also taught me that while doing a good deed, wear a mask!”
“Do you do this everyday?”
“Yes…almost! But no one understands how difficult it is. You gotta save the milk from unseen dangers like random doggies who want to drink it and the chance of the milk spilling over where giant black cars with yellow stripes rule the road!”
“Haha! Don’t most people wonder why you’re wearing a mask?”
“Grown ups have such an illogical way of thinking sometimes..! They think I have some diseases because I’m wearing a mask. Can’t they seen I’m a superhero like Batman who delivers milk for Maa? Ok! I’m in a rush, I have to deliver this to Maa!”