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#InternationalDayOfFamilies- Family Strengthening Posters From Across The World

Families all over the world have transformed immensely over the past decades – we’ve seen the emergence of joint families, nuclear families, single parents, same sex parents, unwed mothers and fathers, grandparents and siblings as caretakers, adopted families and foster families, impacting global trends and changing demographics. Still, a family continues to be recognised as a basic unit of a community.

The UN General Assembly in 1993 proclaimed the 15th of May to be marked as the International Day of Families. This move was to recognize the role of families as the “core” of any society, and the importance of healthy and happy families for better childhoods, and better societies. Ever since, this day has been celebrated with a different theme each year. This year, the theme is “Families and Inclusive Societies,” which relates to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

In the current day context, this theme is extremely relevant given the global atmosphere of intolerance, and the tearing apart of families due to wars, persecutions and conflicts world over. For example, the UK Refugee law does not recognize brothers, sisters, or grandparents as family, for those seeking asylum in the country. If there was ever a real need for societies to be more inclusive, it is right now.

On International Day of Families, we bring to you interesting family strengthening campaign posters from around the world.

Every Child Needs a Family

Beti Bachao

Girl or Boy, two is enough

Have the number of children you can feed, clothe and educate

We need you here

Family matters

A call to families to take centre stage