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The Furious Floods Of Assam And Its Unknown Impact On Children

Across South Asia, 1.8 million children were out of school, 18,000 schools shut down across the region and millions were forced out of their homes due to heavy rainfall and subsequent floods in the region. While the #Mumbairains made headlines, and the CM declared schools to be closed the following day, life didn’t just come to a standstill in the financial capital of India. 15 days ago, Assam was known to have been hit with the worst flood in 29 years, affecting over 15 lakh people within 24 hours…many of whom were children. Here’s what #climatechange, torrential rains and the recurring overflow of the Brahmaputra does to the lives of children in Assam and across the North East of India.

Children search their belongings in their house in the flood affected Morigaon district. (Photo- EPA/STR)

Two boys crossing a flooded street on a raft made of banana tree trunk in Guwahti (Photo- PTI)

A boy dries clothes outside his house, partially submerged in flood waters at Burgaon, 80 kilometres east of Guwahati in Assam. (Photo- AP)

A medical official distributes medicine to children in the flood-affected Sagolikota, Morigaon (Photo- AFP)

A child having his meal on a boat at a flood affected village in Morigaon (Photo- New Indian Express)

Children shelter under an umbrella during rain as they sit on sacks filled with recyclable material at a garbage dumping site in Guwahati (Photo by Anuwar Hazarika/Reuters)

A child sits in a boat as another stands near their house partially submerged in flood waters in Burgaon, east of Guwahati that have triggered floods and landslides causing several deaths in the region (Photo- AP/Anupam Nath)

Children cross flood waters on a homemade raft in Morigaon district (Photo- EPA/STR)

School girls make it through a flooded street after heavy rains in Guwahati (Photo- PTI)

Children row a boat in Morigaon, Assam after their village submerged. (Photo-Anuwar Hazarika/Reuters)