Daily Archives: March 17, 2016

Teacher, leave us kids alone…!

Photo- Reuters, Teacher, Leave Us Kids Alone…! | Leher NGO in India | Child Rights Organization
Photo- Reuters

Respect for mankind, kindness towards the human race, caring for others… virtues we’ve grown up with…principles instilled by our parents and more importantly by teachers. As someone wisely said “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that whatever success we achieve at any front of our lives, a great deal depends on how we’ve been sculpted by life altering people…teachers. While growing up, I came to feel sincere admiration and regard for the fraternity of teachers and educationalists, which was pertinent until repeated incidents of most horrid nature, rattled and scathed my faith. Whether it be news regarding teachers bashing up little ones for not doing their homework or answering questions incorrectly or even for dressing up imperfectly… or incidents involving molestation or sexual abuse… looks like schools are increasingly becoming favoured crime spots for a bunch of mentally disarrayed people who’re unfortunately serving in these schools. As a mother of a toddler who’s soon to start attending school, I’m petrified thinking about what my child will face there. What if he’s punished harshly in light of ‘imparting discipline’, what if he’s reprimanded beyond repair for being mischievous? All such thoughts are giving me sleepless nights. Even if I come to think of other children, by no means does any child deserves to be ill-treated…forget corporal punishment. If the one soul who’s supposed to be a role model and bear the responsibility of moulding little ones, goes and ravages their psychology, such a teacher merits the harshest of penalty. School administrations are no less liable. It is plausible that excess commercialization of the education sector is a major cause of growing frustration amongst teachers who’re given overcrowded classrooms to handle with multiple batches running through the day. Considering they’re humans, they might cross the threshold at times and act adversely. However, that certainly cannot be considered as an excuse to mishandle little children as a teacher is expected to practice patience and poise. I’m not blaming every teacher or educationalist for the current situation but a handful of people, who don’t deserve to call themselves as ‘teachers’ are blotting the entire fraternity. We all have our own demons and it is in our power to disallow them to overcome our senses and rational thinking. Each one of us is battling with daily struggles in life…to survive, to move ahead of others… but at what cost? If such insanity will prevail wherein the pillars of the nation will be the ones who’re harming its future generations, we’ll be left with a country full of emotionally battered children with their little immaculate, innocent minds wounded and scarred for life. But who cares…not my problem… right?