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A progressive piece of legislation, The Right to Education (RTE) Act brought with it hopes and expectations for the education of all children and an aim to fill the gaps in the social system. 5 years later… a quick look at some of the areas that still need strengthening…#rte5 #inclusive #access #infrastructure #qualityeducation #middaymeal


Classrooms across India are getting filled, but they continue to be characterised by discrimination- gender, disability, caste. The RTE has been unable to reduce the weak link that denies education to all#inclusion #rte5


A great pull factor for students, the MiddayMeal has immense advantages, but, unhygenic kitchens, poor quality grains, inadequate distribution network and lack of sustained monitoring, leave it ill-equipped to fulfill its promise #middaymeal #rte5


Trained teachers, appropriate student teacher ratio, relevant curriculum, friendly learning environment, regular evaluation and an upward learning curve, are all indicators of a quality education, not enrollment alone #qualityeducation #rte5


Creating a conducive, child-friendly atmosphere for learning is a key goal under the RTE. However, separate toilets for girls and boys, libraries, text books, safe drinking water, playgrounds and boundary walls are still unavailable in many schools#infrastructure #rte5


Lack of transportation and proximity to habitation often demotivates parents from sending children to school, making education inaccessible #access#rte5

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