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Started in June 2014, and inspired by Humans of New York‘s wonderful ability to make us relate to people we would never know otherwise, we started our own campaign – Little Humans. An attempt to provide a space for every little face, a voice for every choice they make, whether it’s their favourite food or their worst nightmare.

We began with the belief that sometimes the littlest people have the biggest stories to tell. But how could we know that for sure? We didn’t. Until we stepped out, and began to talk to little children from all walks of life and with varying degrees of privilege to realise that these photo stories collectively expressed what it means to be a little human today.

Why are we doing this? Because, we are a child rights group who want nothing more than to create a safer/better world for children. Having shifted the tide towards prevention and not just protection, collecting such stories only helps us deepen our understanding of children and their needs, better still through new lenses. Yours.

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Little Humans

6 hours 1 minute ago

“What do you think about getting married?"
"I will think of marriage only when I have done something in life,” she says rather confidently." #girlsnotbrides #girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #littlehumans #genderequality

Little Humans

1 day 6 hours ago

“A boy can hit a girl, so then why can’t a girl hit a boy?” #girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #littlehumans #genderequality

Little Humans

2 days 6 hours ago

"What do you want to become when you grow up?"
“My friends want to grow up to be teachers, but I want to be a model!” she poses.#girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #genderequality #littlehumans

Little Humans

3 days 6 hours ago

“Ladki so ghar mein hi padhai karni chahiye…par kaise?” #girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #genderequality #littlehumans

Little Humans

6 days 6 hours ago

“Are there separate toilets for girls and boys in your school?”
“No, there are no separate toilets for girls and boys in my school. In fact, the one common toilet we have is also not in use, as it does not have a running supply of water.”
“What do you do during your menstruation cycle?”
“It gets difficult to attend school during menstruation cycle, but I manage somehow. I love studying, so I go anyway.”
#girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #littlehumans #genderequality

Little Humans

1 week 6 hours ago

“They have a problem if I dance… why but? I love dancing!”#girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #littlehumans #genderequality

Little Humans

1 week 1 day ago

“Where is your school located?”
“My school is 4 km from here, in another village.”
"Has the distance been a problem ever?"
“It is far, but I have a bicycle, and I ride it to school every day.”
#girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #littlehumans #genderequality

Little Humans

1 week 2 days ago

“There are so many girls in this village who marry young and then get beaten up by their husbands. When I get married, if my husband tries to hit me I won’t even give him food… why should I? And I wont change the childs clothes also! Bhai! Hum kyun kuch bhi karenge? If you don’t do that’s the only way the husband will learn!” #girlchild #adolescentgirls #girlsofmadhubani #girlpower #littlehumans #genderequality

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