Saving the planet: Invincible Chakra & the Mighty Girl

A few weeks ago, the world came together in Paris –leaders of governments and businesses, civil society and religious leaders, sports and entertainment icons and children & youth – to adopt the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that address the issue of climate change and its dramatic effect on our planet. The Fantastic four, Iron man, Captain planet, Superman and the Avengers have saved the world for us more times than we can count. And we’ve all grown up secretly wishing they existed in real life too. Recently, @unicef, Sharad Devarajan of @graphicindia, and comic book legend @stanlee came together and created Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl, to make children understand the complex issues of climate change in a simple and entertaining way, help them find solutions to climate change problems they face in their countries and encourage them to take collective action- making them the real heroes of climate change. Chakra the Invincible reiterates that, often it is the imaginary superheroes that do the real life work… of planting powerful thoughts that have a lifelong impact and fostering a new generation of changemakers, innovators and leaders to tackle the most pressing issues of climate change. If you missed the launch of ‘Chakra, the Invincible” at #COP21, don’t miss the climate action here:

The story begins with children from all countries – India, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives meeting in Mumbai for the Model United Nations seminar to figure out how to help with United Nations SDGs.

Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl

On discovering that their friend has asthama caused by pollution in Indonesia, each one narrates how climate change has affected their countries respectively.

Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl


Overwhelmed by the enormity of the climate problems, Raju and Leena call on their friends who they know can make a difference – Enter Chakra the Invincible and the Might Girl. They begin with trying to fix the surface of the problem using typhoon rains from the Philippines to put out a forest fire in Indonesia.




Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl

However, they soon realise that climate change is too complex to address action by action, even with superpowers. Instead, each community has to learn how to work together, and do its part.

Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl
Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl

They begin to come up with solutions for the problems in each of their countries, realising that each of them is really the superhero who can change the world!

Chakra the Invincible and the Mighty Girl
Photo Credits : Uniting Nations

Words By : Leher



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